Replace Asperger Syndrome with Grunya or Sukhareva Syndrome.

A  Russian Jewish Psychiatrist wrote notes on Autism in 1925 nineteen years earlier than Hans Asperger in 1944.  She was called GRUNYA SUKAREVA.    Why not replace Asperger Syndrome with GRUNYA OR SUKHAREVA SYNDROME.  Asperger Syndrome is not even accurate as he was not the first to discover High Functioning Autism.  He probably read GRUNYA SUKAREVA but as a Nazi, he could not mention it as she was Jewish and Russian.  The *** were at the time murdering Jews and fighting a war with Russia.   Hans Asperger sent disabled children to be murdered in Vienna.  The *** were a great believer in Euthanasia for disabled people.   The *** did not only murder millions of Jews they also murdered Disabled people Gypsies and Gay people.  That is why Asperger Syndrome is not even used anymore but in addition, Hans Asperger was not the first person to discover High Functioning Autism so there is no logical reason to call it Asperger Syndrome and I hope they will replace it soon with GRUNYA SYNDROME OR SUKHAREVA SYNDROME.


  • It should read Hitler was a great believer in Euthanasia and  Hitler did not only murder Jews also disabled Gypsies and Gay people were murdered on Hitler's orders.. SIX MILLION JEWS WERE MURDERED IN THE HOLOCAUST AND AT LEAST FOUR MILLION PEOPLE DIED  WHO WERE NOT JEWISH AND MURDERED FOR OTHER REASONS.  Asperger Syndrome should not be used as Hans Asperger is accused of conspiring to murder disabled children and nothing to do with Jewish.  Hitler ruled Germany from 1933 until 1945 and mainly between 1941 and 1945 Hitler's Genocide policy of killing people was carried out and Hans Asperger cooperated.  Hitler's Genocide policy basically started after World War 2 started in September 1939.

  • I think your history is a little dodgy and your arguments weak

  • Err, drcrank, is this meant to contribute to discussion, present facts on the topic, or merely devalue the original postQuestion 

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