Need guidance

Hello Everyone,

My daughter is 17 and she was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum level 1. She struggles with making friends and has screen time addiction due to which her grades have taken a dive. I am struggling to help her and would appreciate any tips from you. I am also concerned about her lack of interests in academics. She only wants to stay at home and not do anything other than reading on her laptop/phone. What do you all suggest as first steps? I have a therapists that works with her every Tuesday but have not seen much improvements. She has a melt down everytime I try to take her laptop/phone away and she is not at all interested in anything. I am at lost to help her and would appreciate any help.


  • Were you given any support information when you received the diagnosis?  I'm not sure what state you are in. I'm in CA, in the Los Angeles area and we are a part of the North Valley Regional Center.  We receive services from them.  The Autism Society will have great information too. Are there any other activities she enjoys? Going for a nature walk?  My daughter is also a part of a group gathering that happens monthly through a group called Club LA:Social community for young adults with diverse needs. Could you ask the therapists for some tips they can give you? Hoping others will join and and you get some great support. This is my first time posting.  

  • Khozy, I can totally relate to your daughter. I'm like that too. I've had moments when I get upset about the internet. But totally understand that technology doesn't have to control your life. You gotta control your own life. Anyways wishing you and your daughter all the best!