Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Hello everyone, i do apologize if i haven't written in while. but i think this is the right time to share what's been going on. it's been 5 months since i've last posted and i'm still not sick (thank God).

a lot has happened, the elections, the attack on the U.S. Capitol and the inauguration of President Biden. plus Covid is still going on and still a lot of deaths but we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as the vaccines have been distributed in the states and i hope that i will get the two vaccines sooner or later. about myself, i can be fully honest about my lack of consistency aboy not sharing what i've been doing i've been more focused on entertainment   rather than myself and what's happening.. but it's the on;y way to escape. cause i have a bad case of cabin fever. but i know i'm not the only one. but rather stay at home than in the hospital. it is truly a blessing that i've made it out of 2020, cause Lord knows it was tough, but i see 2021 as a bright future ahead. but things can be so unpredictable. all you can hope is that thing will have a better outcome

what did you that about the year 2020 and what do you hope for 2021?


  • Are you pleased that Trump is now history?

    David Shamash London

  • Are you pleased that Trump is now history?

    The problems will continue whoever is President.

    Biden has rejoined things that Trump has left which is good.

    David Shamash


  • Please, no politics 

  • If  you do not like it do not read it.

    What is interesting is that Biden has won and Trump has been chucked out and people should feel free to comment on it and those who do not want to read it should block the E-Mails. 


  • They are now talking about Trump on the BBC in England.

    I am pleased that Biden has won and I did not like him been called a busy boy by a journalist when Biden is in his seventies.

  • Actually no.    This is a forum to discuss asd, and is not a political forum.  

  • You did not start this topic and I think Alwhite wants comments on the elections.  I suggest you watch television or do something else and let us write what we like.  We do not have to talk about Autism all the time.

  • Do you think a Democrat President will make it better for Autistic and other disabled people in the USA?  I am not in the USA and as said previously I am in London England. When I googled the weather forecast I was surprised to see a London in Ohio the USA which is colder than London the capital of the UK.  In the UK both political parties believe in legislation to help disabled people but the Conservatives are cutting on disability benefits as Government money was tight even before Coronavirus.

    David Shamash London England.

  • Hi David,

    A little history
    When President Obama took office, he appointed Ari Ne'eman to the National Council on Disability

    Former Council member at
    National Council on Disability
    2010 - September 17, 2015·Washington D.C.

    Ari runs 

    I believe this was the first autistic person to sit on the council. 

    Ari also is a consultant with the ACLU

    So i would think we would have a reasonably good run with Biden,  It will not be easy for anyone. Governing the thing called the USA is a feat I would not like to attempt. 

    I hope this helps

    Nora G Toowoomba

  • Yes, I know about Ari  Newman and I might have exchanged E-Mails with him years ago.  I met someone who was in his organization.  I knew about Ari from London Autism Rights Movement which is as far as I know has closed down.  I know you have to pay for health care in the USA and many people do not have insurance.  Do you think Biden will be able to improve it?   I remember many people on this network were not pleased with Obama care at the time.  The latest is that Trump will face a trial I have just heard on the  BBC news.  I know that all of America's problems will not end because Trump has gone.

    David Shamash London England.

  • I would like to comment on what Brian Field posted.  It is not true that Autistic Children cannot be taught how to behave.  In the courts, Autism is no excuse and an Autistic adult would either be sent to prison or mental hospital or locked up in an Autistic home. The only reason why the ten-year-old should not be spanked for throwing a tablet down the stairs so breaking the tablet is nowadays you can be prosecuted for assault if you hit a child and you would probably have to do it hard to make a difference and the parent might land in prison for assault  The shopkeeper must be old fashioned suggesting a spanking and not be aware that the world is moving away from corporal punishment  Not sure what the mother should do about her son breaking her tablet perhaps either stop his pocket money or not buy him something she promised him to pay for the tablet.  Sending the child to bed or to his room to reflect might disturb him more but courts do not care about that when Autistic people are sent to prison or hospital will disturb Autistic people more.