Voice Chats

Just wanted to follow-up.  Thanks to all for the insight and help so far.  I am struggling with finding others to connect with and am really looking to voice chat with some people as I feel really alone and empty as I literally have no one to talk to and the "friends" I have I rarely get to talk to them.  It's causing me to become a little bit depressed and unmotivated.  Can anyone offer a hand?  I'm more than happy to help you in return either with a project or any emotional/mental health concerns you might have as well! **18+ only please, thank you!**

  • Hi Chris,

    You can write me at renees52@aol.com as well.    Easier to connect. What helps me is doing a lot of on-line stuff -- visiting museums, aquariums, historic sites..  I'm sheltering at home with my mom and our dog .. we go out to a local park which is always empty and hang out there. Also, I do an Asperger's movie meet-up every Saturday night at 10:00 p.m.    It is based in California and takes place really at 7:00 p.m. But since I am in North Carolina, there is a 3 hour difference and I connect with it at l0:00.  It is something I look forward to. We pick a movie to talk about every Saturday night. About 20 people attend. I have some more ideas about staying sane. Do you have family members that are there for you? Nils

  • I do but they really don't understand it at all and trying to explain it to them hasn't really been the easiest.  They don't really get it at all.

  • Chris, What is it that your family doesn't "understand ..at all?"    Each family has its own neuroses/challenges.  My mother never understood why I didn't want to get married and be "owned" by some man (the way I sort of regard matrimony).  She said "you're not normal."  When I was involved with men they always wanted to control me and know where I was every minute, who I was talking to when I wasn't with them.  I still regard marriage as a "primitive form" of ownership although perhaps a necessary societal form.  One idea that might be useful: meet with a therapist and have one of the family members join too.  I don't know if your family member would do this however.

  • 49, Autistic/Asperger's/PDD-NOS.  Would be delighted to take part in voice chat.