Feeling Out of Place

I feel so out of place.  I am 30 years old and yet have so many hobbies and interests and it's hard for me to connect with most people.  My severe dietary restrictions, OCD/repetitive behaviors (partially anxiety/stress related, I think), anxiety, sensory overload, learning disabilities, stress, lack of friends to rely on, auditory processing disorder and a host of other health conditions don't make me feel lesser (anymore) but they do make me feel very very different and it's always in the back of my mind and also trying to figure out ways to try and relate to people which is seemingly impossible.  I am currently self-employed which keeps me going but it only keeps me going so much as I don't have that extra push to want to do better and keep moving forward.  I've lost a lot of really great friends over the years due to severe self-isolation (went through many years of just disliking myself and keeping myself alone due to my severe depression).  I do not wish to be so self-isolated anymore and stay entirely guarded but I am honestly unsure what to do next.  Currently I am trying to reach out to my doctor so I can get the proper referrals hopefully to get the help I need.  Does anybody else feel this way?

  • I don't know where you live, but if there is a NAMI group in your area, they would be a great start for establishing a support group.  Also, if you realize that you are self-isolating that is a GREAT insight!  Until you recognize an issue, you can't resolve it.  With COVID, it is difficult to seek out others, but in a limited way, try to find hobbies that will put you with people that have similar interests.  Your doctor could be a good resource for taking next steps.  Good luck.

  • Thank you so much!  Seems like a great start!  I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  • usually i am to myself and it's hard to have friends and trying to keep them. autism can have an effect on the way you build on your relationships.

    and i understand your words. writing about it is very therapeutic. it can help with your social and mental skills even more.