Extremism in the Autism Community

How do you address these?

  • I keep in touch with people and live my life as I can. However other people's behaviour may seem, it might be with a reason. This probably sounds vague but well, I tend to think there's no other solution or better solution right now.

  • Yeah, I agree with you but it can be difficult sometimes. I think you are right though, I guess the best thing to do is to keep in touch with family. These things to tend to take you away from family so yeah, good idea. 

  • Hi!

    the type I have experienced most isxbexause I am not “aspie” (a term still used here,in UK) I am of the classic/Kanner variety with high support needs and a mild intellectual disability, I have been badly bullied online and told to stay out of conversations as to them-I can’t add anything worthwhile to threads/topics,I know I am not unworthy now, but it really got to me at the time.

    I am not sure if this means extremism but I will give it a go,I apologise as I struggle a lot with my ID.

    i have also noticed some autistic activists try to drag all attention onto them (not on here,on Instagram and fb),it is like a popularity contest. Many of us autistic activists do things in our own community without ever getting thanked or noticed and we just carry on,as helping shoud be enough, it’s just sad to see the community become about popularity.

    pif you don’t follow or like a certain Autisitc you can be blanked by so many people because you don’t want to see activism as like show biz,it’s like a gang of followers around them and if you dislike any of the persons writings or ego tripping,you end up being ignored,blocked or ousted from the group.

    and then you have got the autistics who fight ASD being a disability-they don’t understand if disability status was removed it woud be a knightmare for those of us with communication,care and support needs, or the autistics who have been diagnosed being nasty to those yet to see a psych for many different reasons,they are the reason so many pre diagnosed autistics don’t reveal themselves online until they have got the label officially.

  • Hi AutEcho,

    I won't discount your experience but when I was referring to online extremism I was referring to denial of service attacks and account take overs. 

    I think I know what you mean about the popularity contest. Activism should be about raising awareness but it does seem that some people forget that. I think that it shouldn't matter how much a person contributes to the community or on what scale, even if some of the work we do goes unnoticed, it is still contribution to the community that is needed. Some people don't need or want the recognition. 

    I don't contribute anything so you're doing more than me. =D