Hello! (Introduction)

Hi there, I'm 22 and living in California, US. I was diagnosed at the age of 9 along with an array of mental health issues. I've had plenty of time to "grow up", learn, and adjust in life. One thing I was never really able to adjust to was the feeling of being too high functioning at times while also feeling like the diagnosis fits too well at other times. Most people can't even guess that I'm on the spectrum, but as I always say it takes one to know one. I mean this in the best way possible. Those on the spectrum and those who have been around us are typically better at noticing signs of autism. I like to approach everyone with an open mind and I tend to avoid conflict online by being as kind as possible. I also don't use popular social media as it contributes too much negativity in my life and I can't stand that garbage. I don't have any friends at this time in my life aside from my best friend who also happens to be my soulmate. I know I'm capable of having positive friendships, but finding the right people to connect with has been a grueling challenge. Some fun facts about me: 

I enjoy video games and I love video game music. I can also play some video game music on the piano and I own an ocarina that looks likes the one from Ocarina of Time. 

I currently enjoy playing a lot of modded minecraft. 

I used to watch a lot of anime, but I don't have as much interest for it now. My favorites were Blue Exorcist, D.Grayman, Ushio to Tora, Devil is a part timer, How to keep a mummy, etc. 

I write poetry from time to time. I've also got one of my poems published in a book via qualifying as a semi finalist for a poetry contest. 

I grew up with dogs, but I love cats too. Sometimes I think I might be part cat, jokingly of course. Birds? No thanks. I'd rather avoid perpetual toddlers as it has been described before by bird owners. 

I love listening to music. I mostly listen to instrumentals and I use different ambient mixes when I play video games. I still enjoy a variety of songs with lyrics. 

The one song I could listen to on repeat and not get sick of it is an acoustic cover of  Impostor Syndrome done by Cavetown. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I look forward to interacting with all of you! Even if it gives me a little anxiety....haha

  • Hello, I am half a continent away, but I do hope you continue to post

  • What is life like in California with this Coronavirus?

  • What is life like in California with this Virus?

    I have the odd thing published in various places.

    I have never been to the USA but I have met people from the USA.

    David Shamash London England.

  • I've learned to enjoy being home all the time during COVID. I used to hate it, but with increasing social anxiety I'm ok with it now. Some people here in California don't follow COVID rules and even protest the mask wearing, but that's just another reason for me to stay home. Hopefully we'll get out of this soon. So many people are miserable right now. 

  • Yes it is much easier doing things from home on my computer using Zoom.  If there was no Virus I would not want to travel round London in this hot weather.

  • I like poetry too, maybe I'll pick up writing some poems again. It was nice reading your post.

  • Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Poetry is very relaxing and a great way to express anything. It's good to just write whether you're good at it or not. 

  • Does what you write Rhyme?

    What I write does not Rhyme 

    David Shamash London

  • My poetry usually does not rhyme. I enjoy just to write and it's even better when it sounds nice when read aloud

  • I have both rhyme and non-rhyme. Someone said I have a rhythm in my poetry. I hardly rework my poems, it motivates me to write more.

  • I do not know how we can post our creative writing to the Autism Support Network.

    David Shamash London

  • A love poem I wrote:

    Love is in the air

    But it isn't really

    It's within me

    What I see...

    Your infinite beauty

  • From your post, I figured you were also born female.  The NT world seems to put women and girls into the conform to the "my idea of you" box in their minds.  one reason people assume I'm not aSd when I am is I can do a lot of things very well.  Just don't ask me to do anything mathematical or, keep track of things, or multitask or deal with sounds that bounce off walls with people talking or several hundred other things.  I am very LOW functioning in those areas..  

    I'm glad you said this because it is helping me sort this through too

    I am great with babies and animals. We soothe each other.  My social media has been rolled back so I can get things done. I have few contacts that feel a need to stir things up there.  I've learned to not reply. If it is rude, it's on my page if I want it there and if not I delete it. Yes, it is tempting to give them back their hard words but it just makes me sad & or mad and wastes time.

    It is actually not your job to live up or down to anyone expectations but your own. It is your responsibility to try and get along with others even if you need to leave to do it. Differences of opinion are oK. Somethings are neither wrong nor right.  Makes for some confusion but it also makes for diversity. 

    my "fun" fact is I love puns and other "dad" jokes. My not so fun fact is I'm old.