Listening and sensitivity


I'm Dutch and 38 years.

I live a few metres from a construction site that has been active since about 5 months. Up until a few days ago I was only annoyed at times. But since a few days these sounds start to influence my basic needs, like they almost melt with sounds from eating. I get a lot of support like I don't need to cook and get help with cleaning. I do have a constant lack of sleep I think because of the sounds.

Also things like doing activities and using media are difficult. I'm starting again Monday.

There's more that maybe I should keep private and I could be missing something but the sound thing definitely not.

Thank you for reading.

  • I seem to have a weird reaction to noise. I can sleep with my favorite music playlists at almost maximum volume from a bluetooth speaker, but when I can hear the people who live upstairs walking around, it sounds like they're dropping bowling balls. I have not gotten a good nights sleep for months and it's affecting my health. Thankfully I'm moving out to a much better place. I find that distracting myself with something I enjoy doing while I'm awake helps. At night I tend to rely on some noise cancellation headphones I got as a gift. It's tough living next to construction. I've lived next to a construction site for the past two years and they still haven't finished! I really hope things get better for you. I like to think that everything happens for a reason. Maybe something good is headed your way.