Protesting for your life

Albert White here.

i'm African-american man with autism. And today i want to point out about recent events going on right now. as you've heard on the news, George Floyd became another victim murdered by police in Minnesota. it sparked out outrage between all POC(people of color). as if this is more divided. riots are happening around the state including Chicago(my hometown). 

when Sean(my mentor)drove me out to see the damage done by people in the neighborhood. i was in shock. people outside looting while others trying to clean up the malls. i saw one store destroyed by fire. The aftermath was damaging. as a black man myself, it hurts to see a community almost feel like Armageddon. but i understand the hurt they feel because of racism plaguing this nation for centuries. do you think after all this years of fighting against racism, everything would change and we'll all live in harmony? sadly, it's still out there. and we've got a president who does nothing for this country who is only letting the fire burn and continuing to divide us even more. i don't want to hear anymore excuses, i just want change. we all want change. 2020 so far is a catastrophe and Covid-19 is still out there. But to be honest, we are different, how boring the world will be if we're all the same. and i've seen the protest on tv and internet. i want people to hold hands, protesters and cops and different races to join together, singing an old black spiritual, We Shall Overcome. racism will not end handing a Pepsi to a stranger, it has to end with us. by treating people the way others want to be treated. it starts with us, or else it will never end. United We Stand.

Feel Free To Comment! and Black lives matter

  • I hope you have a election, as Trump is too inflammatory!

    I wish people who protest more peacefully and not ruin their neighborhood.

    Please stay safe, as here in England they say ethnic minorities as well as learning difficulties people are more susceptible to Covid 19!

    Everybody's lifes matter, whatever colour of your skin etc.

  • Thank you for your comment. this post that i made will not only help people of color, But also people with disablites. let's try to overcome Evil with Good in our lives. We Will Get Thought This.

  • I notice my comment went on twice! Thinking hope the memorial goes well!

    take care and best wishes for the future of the USA!

  • Black lives do matter! Really there will be crime everywhere you go committed by people of all races, white or of any color, things will always change up or have switch ups, look at how many American folks are having hatred towards the Chinese because of how the COVID-19 originated from there. That's a new hatred, which is terrible. And the hatred towards African Americans is that they commit crimes stereotypically, the COVID-19 didn't stereotypically start in China it actually came from China. But racism comes with arrogance, since alot of Americans are blaming pretty much all Asians for the covid 19 saying they need to go back to their country when it could be a Pacific islander that's Asian of non Chinese descent. Remember friend, speaking from an African Americans point of view all lives matter could be a phrase that may one day be appropriate to use, but as of right now it's certainly not ok to say, knowing blacks are being victimized by the corrupt police of their department.

  • Our family understands  the pain of racism.  We are Caucasian but my son chose as his godfather an African-American man who fought in World War II in the Army.  My son is a military historian and they would spend hours and hours talking American history.  My son sees character, nor color, no doubt because of his being on the autism spectrum. But when people (both black and white), found out his godfather was a black man, they kept wanting to know why.  Racism on both sides. When will it ever end?

  • Very well stated.  As an elder white lady who came of age in the 70's, it really breaks my heart that this is still such an issue in our country in this day and age.  Racism of all types is born and raised in ignorance.  No, we are not all the same, but our differences is what should make our lives richer.  To those who say "All Lives Matter" - of course that's true, but the point is that not all races are routinely targeted for suppression and hatred as has become the "norm" for black Americans.  The statistics bear this out - it is more statistically more dangerous to be black in America than white.  And, black Americans, since the ending of slavery, have been consistently denied access to the same opportunities as white Americans. That has to change.  Now is the time.

  • Carol,

    Thanks for your response!  I would love to talk to you.  Here is my cell phone number - 510-277-7157.  I have been involved in autism advocacy since my son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome around the age of 5 years. We moved to Greensboro, North Carolina so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a Civil War historian. He received his Master's Degree in American History at UNCG and is really distressed at how they are pulling down all the Confederate monuments but others as well (even a Frederick Douglas monument was taken down!). I have a JD degree but went into legal publishing with Matthew Bender and Barclays Northern California Law Monthly as well as doing some other things.  I worked for Biden on Capitol Hill when he was still a Senator.  I didn't like him then and I still don't like him now. I wanted to talk to you about a couple of things as well.  I'm considering buying a condominium in North Carolina and wondering whether an individual who receives SSI (my son) is allowed to own property with his name on the lease? I'm worried about so many things and our city in North Carolina has NO services for young adults on the autism spectrum. Best regards, Renee

    p.s.  here is my email address so we can communicate privately:

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  • this comment is very true. we're are being targeted because of our race. when will everyone realize that we all bleed the same. this systemic racism has been very hurtful to our people. yes, All lives matter. but they won't until Black Lives Matters.  

  • Sadly it seems to me that it is a problem of no lives matter.

    I have yet to see any BLM or ALM person oppose abortion, for instance.  Yet for every black man shot by the police, 3000 black children will be torn limb from limb and killed for the ultimate crime:  Being conceived without permission.

    I don't see BLM or ALM people pushing for inclusive hiring the way we do in the autistic community, no it's all about "reparations" and welfare.

    " by treating people the way others want to be treated"- is this some new rule that I have to learn as an autistic?  Must I now guess at how others want to be treated, it isn't good enough to treat them as I want to be treated?

    How will I do that when I can't even stand to look at another human in the face long enough to notice something as superficially irrelevant as skin color?

    Right now, this whole mess just looks to me like another neurotypical attempt to *change the rules to oppress autistics*.

  • Mr. Seeber - I'm not sure how you assess that by making it less acceptable to randomly shoot black persons that YOU are being oppressed?? Yes, it would be a good rule to learn - autistic or otherwise.  As long as we continue to live in a "them or us society, EVERYONE who is not in the preferred majority will be oppressed to a greater or lesser degree, including autistics of all races.  Rising water lifts all boats.  If human beings can be taught to not target or oppress those that are different than they are, all lives will improve.

  • I think invoking abortion is way off topic.    The original post as on the edge, but this is not the forum to discuss abortion.    Please desist 

  • First of all, there is no randomness to the people shot.  The rules are simple.  If you do something that makes other people call the police, your life is in danger, period.  More autistic people are shot by police every year than black people.

    Rising water sinks any boat that isn't prepared to rise.

    And right now, the only way ANY of us will rise is by staying home and staying safe.

    And please tell me, where do I gain this mental telepathy that will tell me how others want to be treated?  It's easy to treat others how I want to be treated, it's extremely hard to downright impossible to treat people how THEY want to be treated.  You are asking the impossible of me, just like every neurotypical identity politics bully I've ever met in the system.

  • You do realize that there is a movement out there to detect autism before birth, right?  Why do you think that exists?