my thoughts

hey this is Albert and i'm going to write about how my day was, OK. so it started out with breakfast then shower and meditation. then later i took a walk outside. and then Sean brought a fan for me because the weather is starting to change in Chicago. but i still but my mask on because it's the law until covid-19 breaks. it felt good walking around the neighborhood but man, it was sweaty af. but it could be a good thing cause slowly but surely the virus is starting to pass. thought it hasn't been announced that there's a new vaccine, plus testing on what anti-bodies could do or what it cannot do. meanwhile i have not been watching the news lately of fear of covid stress. yes, at days it's been so hard staying at home while at lock down. but the good thing about it is that it's a extended vacation to re-charge my batteries so that i could come back better than i was before it all began.  I've done a lot of thing like painting,researching and learning about stuff. getting in touch with my spiritual side and meditating for 20-30 minutes. i really needed this. what lock-down has taught me is that I've survived much worse stuff before. and what i know now is that whenever times get rough. remember, this too shall pass.


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