hey it's albert, today at work i met with a a social worker and we've talked for a little bit then i got a little bit too loud and then a staff member told me to come to her office, not like i've been doing nothing wrong but i've been having a lot of energy lately. but maybe cause of my autism. so i told the social worker an apology about how i've been acting. cause i've been really working very hard lately.



  • why didn't the social worker point out that you were loud? Seems like that would also work. maybe you can ask her to tell you in the future.
  • well it's been a while since i've written that post, of course i know that i have a lot of enegy. but it was the staff members who pointed me out that i was be disrubtive. so an apology letter was needing ever though i didn't need to. but it had to be done so.... but the soical worker was talking to her other cients as well. so that was the other reason. but i'm trying to work out my ernergy level.