my goals for life

hello, it's Albert. i haven't talked in a while but it's always worth a while to try. it has been 9 months since i've moved out of my old house of the west side of Chicago and moved to the south side, and I've seemed drastic changes in my life. before the move, i was miserable, my old house was falling apart, cracks in the ceiling, bed-bug infested, my aunt and her fiance were using dope, not talking to each other, fighting. it was taking a toll on my body and soul. but now 9 months later. what a transformation. i have my own room with a door. a nice big bed with no bugs.... well ants but no bed bugs tho. i have money saved up from the work that i did at the halas center. and i talk to my friends and staff members everyday. all thanks to everyone at my mother's side of the family who never gave up on me. now i would like to share my goals in life. now this is gonna be like a bucket list. 

with all the money i'm saving up right now i plan to make a million dollars.

to go see a concert. or a game. (2 weeks ago i went with my peers to see the White Sox take on the Kansas City Royals for an developmental disablilty night)

and maybe go call a friend and see how he or she's doing.

and to find love. i think that's the most important thing to do as a person. if you like this person, you gotta get to know this person and talk and let them know you're good and their good. that's what's on my mind honestly. but i still have some negative thoughts on my mind. but i know it's gonna work out soon....

the most important thing to do is to live life to the fullest like it's your last. and that's what i plan to do.