Anger issues.

Do  you or a family member struggle with anger issues? and how do you get out of that situation?



  • Yes, I am that family member. :D

    What works for me is telling the person(that genuinely cares) that I am annoyed with that I am annoyed and removing myself from the situation. It doesn't work with people who are provoking, taunting, instigating, etc the situation, but if its someone who genuinely cares, then they will give you the space. I know who my triggers are and what I get triggered by. I also try to be understanding because I know its genetic and sometimes other people in the family are autistic too. 

    It's definitely an energy thing. If you can't get along with them then its best to not be near them. There's pushing and pulling energy during arguments and its stressful so its better not to become too involved with it. The best way to disconnect for me to be away from them and its a lot better that way. I am the type of person that is much better off living on my own. 

  • Sometimes you might not like what they are doing whether they are near you or not.  I told some friends that I want you to take the Virus more seriously whether you see me or not.  I realise now that I cannot force them to as the Police would not be interested as so many people broke the rules and I must confess that I did not always keep the rules myself.

    David Shamash London