Have you ever been bullied before? 

for me it was a lot back when i was at elementary and high school. it was the other kids at school, some were nice, and some were just plain jerkoffs.

i don't remember much but remember the old saying 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'

sometimes words do hurt, it can have a negative effect on people, causing to hurt others or themselves up to the point to suicide.

for me i lived it and i've said a few times that i would kill myself, but didn't do it cause i would not be here writing this post to you.

and for social media it's even worse, and i can tell you you ether got to  man up or be a coward. but can't we live in a world where there's love and everyone can agree and help one another. that does not exist sadly, but persevere  and mute the haters because the only way to stop a heckler is to talk to or confront.

Marvin Gaye said it best, War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate.


have you or someone you know experienced a moment like that?


  • Yes , I was bullied in grade school and when I attend back in the 70's-80's their wasn't Autism awareness so it wasn't only students but Teachers that bullied me cause of my Autistic behaviors that they saw as defiance to their authority. Back then they could paddle you and have not so foond memories of that happening at school. Now I have a son now going through school with Autism am on guard and ready to come to his defense should I become aware of hisgetting bullied, but so far it hasn't happened and he just entered 5th grade so am Thankful for that.
  • Yes I've known a lot of bullying in my life. It began in Primary School UK, and ended in the last job I had before I retired!! With much bullying inbetween. At school I turned the tables around; somehow I found the strength to stand up to the bullies,and was NEVER bullied again at school; guess they saw the mad Scots woman in me. ;-) But work was a different matter. I could only retaliate occasionally especially when it was Managers who were the Bullies. It was the worst kind of bullying; the feeling of total powerlessness. Knowing I had to endure or get the hell out; even leaving jobs I otherwise enjoyed. The last job I had (Teacher) in a Special Needs School if you can believe it, the bullying was horrendous, from Top down. The Principal had 'headhunted' me from another school, and went on to be a Bully!! One day FOUR Teachers ganged up on me and it was unbelievably ugly. I felt that they wanted to physically attack me as I just wasn't reacting the way they wanted me to. I didn't cry, cower or back down. Eventually they backed off as I refuse to give in to bullies, but sheeeeesh. I've learned that bullying in Schools of Teachers is endemic to the Teaching profession in the UK. I loved Teaching, but hated having to interact with the adults. Mostly. I wondered sometimes if these people could smell that I was 'different', or was it just because I excelled at my work? Not sure.
  • Short answer YES
    slightly longer, at 66 people still try but few succed for I am able to be more in control when i know people love and accept me . Took qa long time for that. It started in the second grade and still colors my life but so much less. I no longer have nightmares about returning to Junior High,. People are not really human in grades 7 and 8 for the most part.
    Note to the wise: the older you get the happier you will be if you have ADHD. You may gain more with mature brain than you losss in physical function .
  • Yes, I was thought of differently for being placed in smaller classes, but one thing to remember. Those who put you down had something less than you leading to them putting you down to feel better about themselves. Years will come by and one day you will look at you are which will be many stepping stones past them, and you will look and see where they are in their life and where their habits have led them.