Hello Everyone #2

I am a female with Autism the Aspergers kind I live in a Group home in Charlotte North Carolina and I am feeling like I do not belong a part of this world because I am haveing problems with All Day Vomiting or throwing up some days up to where I cannot keep food down and My Parents and Group home manager yell at me saying I cannot have a Soda. I like Soda I would like to be able to have a soda once in a while How can I be able to have a soda once in a while.I do not like it with being told I cannot drink a soda period How often can I drink a soda. I WANT TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE VOMITING OR THROWING UP ISSUE. I AM VERY VERY VERY BOTHERED BY THIS I am upset because no one will let me go through tests like in a hospital or somewhere to get to the bottom of throwing up or vomiting . What Can I do?
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