Hello Everyone #2

I am a female with Autism the Aspergers kind I live in a Group home in Charlotte North Carolina and I am feeling like I do not belong a part of this world because I am haveing problems with All Day Vomiting or throwing up some days up to where I cannot keep food down and My Parents and Group home manager yell at me saying I cannot have a Soda. I like Soda I would like to be able to have a soda once in a while How can I be able to have a soda once in a while.I do not like it with being told I cannot drink a soda period How often can I drink a soda. I WANT TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE VOMITING OR THROWING UP ISSUE. I AM VERY VERY VERY BOTHERED BY THIS I am upset because no one will let me go through tests like in a hospital or somewhere to get to the bottom of throwing up or vomiting . What Can I do?
  • i think the reason for this is because you're allerigct to soda. plus soda is not good for you anyways. it's because your tummy can't handle all that intake. so that's the reason you barf all the time. or propably you have a sickness in your body. like cancer. but it's but to your group home or your parents to dicide to let you go to the doctor.