late diagnosis of what?

Hey there.....I have a 19 year old just diagnosed with ASD. He is ADHD for many years and that was always our focus. He did fine thru high school---except on the social side. He went off to college and had a miserable first year experience. We couldn't figure out what had gone wrong and his therapist tried everything she knew over the last year to work with him and things just didn't click. Now we know why. But I am confused what to do now---so much of what I know is how to work with much younger children. What about someone older who has just been diagnosed? Where do start? What do we look for in a therapist? I appreciate any ideas.
  • I just read your post. this is the same situation that I am in...except my son does not have ADHD.

    Here is my recent post:
    My 19 year old son was recently diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Aspergers. We have been struggling to help him since graduating High School to find a direction. We are not sure what way to turn, but trying different therapists etc has been sort of a dead end. We have been recommended to send him to a Therapeutic Wilderness Camp. It is so much money that we are struggling to find the funding and resources to send him. He seems to be getting worse as time goes on with out the structure of school or work, but suffers so much anxiety that he cant seem to move forward.

    What have you found that works lately?
  • HI,

    Just saw your post even though it is an older one. I have a son who has Asperger's and is a young adult.  I have some ideas and also want to connect with parents who are similarly situated. I live in North Carolina and can be best reached at my mail address:


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