The pill and ASD

Hi, new here hope this is the right place to post this?
Would love some feed back from females with ASD and alike cognitive disabilities, and/or parents of females who have been put on the pill. I am someone with High Functioning Autism, I'm not broken, don't need to be fixed I just think a little differently to the average person and this in turn can cause me to have behaviours that are different to the average person. When ever I really get thinking about what makes me different to the average, how my brains wired a little differently causing the release of the wrong levels of chemicals round my body, although a bit chicken and the egg, chemical Vs wiring. I'm always brought back to hormones, there are more and more papers looking at the levels of testestarone in relation to the pre natal foetus, but not many studies that look at the relationship between hormone levels of ASD sufferers and NT's and what if anything the possibility of helping to manage these chemicals could have in helping sufferers better manage there idiosyncrasies. I've recently seen temple grandin and she talked about how anti depressents help her to cope with her anxiety, however it is being on the pill that helps me to manage my symptoms, I believe that I have a higher level of testestarone to other females my age, even with my 7 day break I feel my traits start to become to overwhelming and my mood swings start to get too unbearable (this is noted by my Darling partner I'm a little to egocentric to notice at the time). So my question is this has anyone else had similar thoughts or similar experiences?
Thanks Mary
ps I also have dyslexia
  • I have comorbid symptoms and use to take medication after college and I was not reacting really well to them. I don't know if its the same as your reactions. I went without medication (I also wasn't diagnosed until after college) until after college and after being put on them I had some terrible times reacting and adapting to them. Between that and trying to figure out how my work life was going to be, it was really difficult, plus I only made a plan to graduate college. I found that I use to eat a lot of herbs when I was younger because it was an integrated part of my culture's cuisine. I am Chinese-Vietnamese and we normally have herbs and vegetables in our dishes. I had a physically active childhood so a lot of my symptoms were under control. I played basketball, figure-skated, and played tennis competitively. My psychiatrist approaches medication from a holistic perspective first and he gave me barcopa and tulsi to drink to manage my ADHD and other symptoms, growing up I ate peppermint, basil, and other medicative plants often, so there are holistic doctors out there if you don't like the normal medication some doctors give you. I actually found that my medication made me more male brained and I struggled more with aggression on them and they made me lethargic and sleepy endlessly. I think they were inhibiting some natural chemicals that ended up being more harmful for me in the long-term if this is what you are getting at.

    I also tried cannabis oil to address any inflammation issues, but I found that exercising works better for me. This might be strange to say but it might be about neuron training.