my life update.

hello, this is Albert speaking to you form the internet and beyond. it has been 2 months since I've written a new post on the autism website.

but now it is the best time to write my feelings now. life's been doing good for me, i moved to the living room space, and I've been working at the pillow section again cause i wrote a letter admitting to my past mistakes and how I've learned from it. it has been a struggle for me. trying to maintain good behavior and then falling back two steps behind. and to be quite honest about it i'm getting real sick of it. for once in my life i want real change. but it has to start from myself. every day i try hard with a new skill, try to meet new people and balance a schedule. and i do it well. but one day i know i'm gonna mess it up with one big mistake take could cost me everything that i worked so hard to accomplish. so i go with my gut and try to do the best i can with my life. being autistic does not define my character. the character comes within my actions and within my soul. and this next Friday will be a year since I've moved to Sean's place. time goes by very quickly and i can't keep up, thought i made some improvements, i'm still a work in progress. every day. any day of the week. i'm still a work in progress.