setting goals for your plans of summer.

hello, it's Albert. Summer 2019 is coming on this way and i have a lot to plan. now that i work at my workshop and they pay me part-time every 2 Fridays, i want to expand my social goals, now as a baseball fan, i've watched Cubs and White Sox games on tv. but never attended to a home game in my life. well that might change in the future if i participate in a field trip. i favor both teams, cause i'm Chicagoan and don't even bother about who i should root for. and for anyone who has a problem with that, will have to come to me. also i never went to concert in my life. i would like to see a popular music artist who coming to Chicago at the united center or the Allstate arena at rosemont. and if i'm really savvy on saving money, i might go out of state like LA, New York, or Dallas. now that i'm at a better place in my life, i see now that i've got a got thing going with my mentor and my workshop. i thank god for blessing me, but most importantly, i thank myself for putting in the hard work. if you want to bulid a great life, you gotta work hard for it. and that's what i'm gonna do.



  • Albert, Glad to hear you are prospering and setting goals of what you want to expierence, and do!
    I myself am not much of a sports fan, more of the technical type so look to attend things that deal with technology and the ever changing things that come out in relation to that like computers, Phones , TV's and Smart Apperatus's. So my goals reflect torward that so I hope to someday go to Las Vegas to the Consumer Electronic Show which I have never gone to but hope to sometime in my life. Have been to a few Concert's my favorite was Weird AL Yankovic who does parody's of other's songs.In concert he does several costume changes during his performance that relate to the songs he sang. If your not familiar with him check out this wiki:"Weird_Al"_Yankovic