Assessment for Autism later this month.

On the 26th February I go for my Assessment for Autism. It's frigtening to say the least. I'm 66 and retired. I've been waiting nearly two years for this Assessment since deciding I should do something re a Formal diagnosis. I've done the Online Tests for Aspergers and 'passed' with flying colours. I've lived all my life feeling 'strange'; set apart; outside the herd. I'm in the UK, and the NHS is being slowly starved of Funds and Privatised - so feel lucky to have gotten an Appointment especially at my age. I'm not sure what to expect and of course am freaking out about it. It's at 9 am to begin with, and I'm no longer an 'early riser', so I'll be a basket case when I get there for sure. Doubtful I'll get much sleep the night before. Fortunately, it's pretty local to where I live which is a God send. I no longer go out very often; for food and essentials mainly, preferring to isolate and hide from the big bad World, with the big bad people in it. Any advice re what I can expect would be very helpful. Thanks. 

  • well people in this earth can be cruel and damming to others with autism. all you have to do is overcome and expect the drama, be yourself.
  • Hi ElenaBlue. How did the assessment go? A good way to interpret anything the assessment states is really just a bunch observations that a professional has been formally trained to make note of. It can give you helpful information about maybe why youve seen yourself not fitting in. Maybe look at it as a reason youve been unable to accept yourself in certain situations until now. Let it settle your past struggles and leave them in the past. but always value yourself for those differences. Its sets us apart and thats a GOOD thing! Kris ( :