Welcome to the Autism Support Network

Need free help with autism? Seeking information about symptoms and treatments? Do you wish to know more about Asperger's or Fragile X? Are you seeking to connect with others who are going through the same thing as you?

The Autism Support Network connects families and individuals touched by ASD with each other, provides support and insight, and acts as a resource guide for education, treatments, strategies and therapies for autism.

Through our community of people helping people, we foster an exchange of knowledge and promote further understanding and serve as a platform for individual’s stories of success and challenge.

  • Find others who are seeking to share similar information.
  • Gain insights into therapies that have worked for others, and those that haven't.
  • Learn from each other and promote a cycle of support and learning.

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  • Physicians & Naturopaths

    Physicians & Naturopaths

    Discussion group for traditional and non-traditional medicine and recommendations.
    Last Activity: 9 days ago
    91 members
  • Research / New Developments

    Research / New Developments

    Group to discuss new research and developments in ASD.
    Last Activity: 9 days ago
    202 members
  • Birth to Three

    Birth to Three

    Group for parents of infants to pre-K. Discussion of early intervention, therapy, support.
    Last Activity: 9 days ago
    124 members
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